10 Road Trip Tunes

Fountain paint pots, ghost crabs, and double rainbows–these images replay in my mind when I listen to the familiar tunes of family road trips. Yes, spending many hours in the confines of a Buick Century with three members of my family was not always pleasant, but the good memories outweigh the bad by a landslide.

Narrowing down my list of favorite road trip songs to 10 tunes was a headache-inducing challenge, but I powered through. Each song has a personal travel memory behind it:

1. “Dinah”-Bing Crosby & The Mills Brothers

2. “Music for a Found Harmonium”-Patrick Street’s cover (Original by Penguin Cafe Orchestra)

3. “Ramblin’ Man”-The Allman Brothers

4. “Road Trip”-Jon Schmidt

5. “Travelin’ Thru”-Dolly Parton

6. “Roll to Me”-Del Amitri

7. “On the Road Again”-Willie Nelson

8. “Fast Car”-Tracy Chapman

9. “Clocks”-Coldplay

10. “Classical Gas”-Mason Williams

Please comment about your favorite road trip music and traveling memories. Thanks so much for reading!

Until next time….



Road Trip : Soundtracks Vol. 1








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