Chinese New Year 2015 (A.K.A. Lunar New Year)

Happy Chinese New Year! I am always excited about holidays. Stress and family spats often darken these special days of the year, but I relish the food, music, and vim, nonetheless. Chinese New Year always sneaks up on me like a preteen with a confetti popper. It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised each year. It appears that various animals have stepped up to the plate to represent 2015. A sheep, a goat, a ram, and a Mongolian gazelle comprise this year’s menagerie. I happened to be born in the Year of the Dragon. If you knew me, you would find this fact hilariously ironic. A dog? Perhaps. A rabbit? Sure. But a dragon?! Just to clarify things, I like to watch reruns of the “Little Einsteins “ cartoon and Peanuts’ holiday specials. I am an INFP according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. I savor the little platitudes on the wrappers of Dove chocolates. In other words, I’m a softie. But I suppose kismet knew I would like fantasy novels, so I was aptly born in the Year of the Dragon. So here’s to new beginnings and new adventures in 2015. May your year be filled with good luck and happiness.

Happy Trails!











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