Five ways to combat cabin (or dorm) fever


When the last ruby-red leaf falls and what appear to be gray fiberfill clouds cloak the sun, denizens of the Midwest brace themselves for a slap from winter’s icy hand. When Jack Frost begins nipping at your nose as he does in the beloved “Christmas Song” (I can hear Nat King Cole crooning in my head right now), here are five ways to get through the season without moving to Miami.


  1. Embrace the cold during a daily walk. You don’t need a Fitbit to stay healthy and happy in the winter. Simply bundle up, grab your sunglasses, pull on some thermal socks and boots with good tread and you’re ready to go. Oh, yes, hydration is not just a summer thing. Remember to bring water or your favorite sports drink.


  1. Capture the winter’s beauty with your camera. Winter’s stunning landscape begs to be frozen in your memory via photography. After giving your camera lens around 15 minutes to become acclimated to the frosty temperature, try out some of these winter photography tips:


  1. Learn something new. If you happen to be snowbound for a few days, view it as an opportunity to delve into something you’ve always wanted to know more about. Here are a couple ideas:


  • Duolingo ( is a convenient, free way to learn a new language. What are you waiting for? Beef up your Spanish or French vocabulary, or learn Irish (Gaelic) before taking your dream trip to the Emerald Isle. The choice is up to you. For all you Trekkies out there, Klingon lessons are coming soon to Duolingo.
  • If you have a new hobby in mind, check out for instructional videos on everything from crafting with duct tape to performing magic tricks.
  • A snow day is also a great time to read that book your friend recommended or watch all the episodes of “Star Wars” in anticipation of Episode VII. Just an idea.


  1. Warm your heart and the hearts of others by volunteering. You’ll be surprised how quickly the hours fly by when you’re giving back. Whether your niche is volunteering at a soup kitchen or shoveling an elderly person’s sidewalk, serving others is an awesome way to spend your time.


  1. Open the shades. Okay, this one is really simple. If the sun is shining while you’re studying or hanging out with friends, open the blinds or curtains and let the sunshine pour into the room. This, along with a diet rich in Vitamin D should help brighten your mood during the snowy season. Several cups of hot cocoa help, too.








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