Three ways to make money for travel online


Whether you’re planning a cruise or a road trip, saving money for travel can be a bear. Below are three flexible ways to earn extra income online for your adventures!

Online Transcription:

One of the most flexible at-home transcription companies I know of is iDictate/Quicktate. I love it because I log in and work on my laptop even while traveling! In addition to English general transcription, you may test for Automotive Form B, Medical, French, and Spanish transcription opportunities. There is a $15 background check when applying. Check it out by clicking the link below!

Online Surveys:

Why not get paid for surfing the web and giving your opinion? The sites I use most often are  and Once you have earned $30 or more, you can cash in! In addition to surveys and paid emails, the websites also offer earning opportunities through videos, online searches, games, and shopping rewards.

Freelance Writing:

The Internet has opened up an enormous writing platform for those who are so inclined. I enjoy writing devotionals for a Judson Press publication called The Secret Place. Whether you love writing how-to articles or science fiction, Writer’s Market 2016: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published is an indispensable guide regarding submission guidelines, query letters, and companies accepting manuscripts.

Good luck and Happy Trails!

Petiteloulou 🙂











2 thoughts on “Three ways to make money for travel online

  1. Interesting links – thank you – my wife & I travel a lot and I keep a daily log on an ipad, which I transpose to my web site on our return. About to change ipad to a simple laptop as I find the ipad awkward for my large fingers :-o)

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