Higitus Figitus….

Ah, this rock would make a nice home.


Remember that infectious musical spell from the Disney  film The Sword in the Stone? “Higitus Figitus migitus mum pres-ti-dig-ton-i-um!”  This song is to packing as Fantasia‘s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is to cleaning house (that is until the brooms go bad). **Cue dancing brooms.** 😉

Oh, how I wish all my furniture, books, dishes, and clothes would giddily jump into one conveniently-sized portmanteau, and I could be on my way when traveling or moving.

But, alas, real life doesn’t work that way. Even Merlin had to reprimand a sugar bowl that was agitating a tea set. Yes,  even magic does not guarantee perfection.

I decided there was one way to un-magically make my life easier. Over the past few days, I have gone “spelunking” through my closets, dressers, and cabinets to figure out what I should donate. I try to do a mini “possessions purge” each year, but I am resolved to put my nose to the grindstone in 2016.

What a revelation! What a mixture of feelings I encountered as I riffled through items of my past, knowing in my mind and heart that I only need to hang on to a few necessary things and a couple sentimental things.

Now, with less tangible clutter, my mind is decluttering as well. There are fewer things weighing me down, and I am able to follow the next zephyr to my fated destination. And, to quote Merlin, that’s no “hockety pockety.” 😉

Happy Trails!













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