Gift ideas for your favorite traveler

These items will make the traveling life even more enjoyable!


Travelers are a tough breed to shop for sometimes. They’re always on the go, and you want to give them something practical or something beautiful but not bulky. I hope this list helps you find just the thing for your favorite soul suffering from wanderlust (or for yourself!).

1. A National Parks Passport Book is the perfect gift for any nature lover. They’ll love looking at “cancellation” stamps in their booklet when reminiscing about their adventures.

2. Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag is a nifty item to have on hand whether you’re on a long-distance hike or you simply need to wash your lucky shirt after a long overseas flight and don’t have access to a washing machine at the moment.

3. For those who want to wear a constant reminder of bygone trips, consider Pandora  or check out for some lovely travel charms.

4. Do you know someone who is going through their travel bucket list like wildfire? A Scratch Off Map  is a visually attractive way for them to check off each previously explored locale.

5. A book is a convenient and constant companion for your favorite solo traveler. Write a personal note on the inside of the cover to remind them of home.

6. Give the gift of security with a RFID Blocking Credit Card Case.

7. After a eventful day, a little homey detail such as a Aromatherapy Travel Candle melts away a bit of the stress.

8.  Any frequent flyer will appreciate a digital luggage scale  to make air travel go more smoothly.

9. A  microfiber face cloth will brighten a dull complexion after a tiring commute.

10. Sometimes a traveler needs a time out, and an Ostrich Pillow
makes that possible anywhere. 🙂

Until next time,

Happy Trails!









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