Wolf moon


Hello, adventurers! This post will be short and hopefully sweet this Sunday evening.

The wolf moon took a back seat in US news as Winter Storm Jonas buried the East Coast in ice and powder over the past few days.

Native American names for full moons fascinate me as this was part of their method of determining what time of year it was without following the Gregorian Calendar. A Full Wolf Moon occurs in January, followed by the Full Snow Moon in February. I remember hearing Pocahontas sing about the “Blue Corn Moon” in the Disney film, but recently discovered that there really is a Full Corn Moon in September.

Whenever I feel lost or alone, I remind myself that we are all under the same sky. Woolly clouds may be dumping snow on one side of the planet while the other side is experiencing Wedgewood-blue skies full of sun, but it is still the same firmament regardless of the diverse terrain and cultures dispersed beneath it. The stars, clouds, sun, and, yes, even the wolf moon, unify humanity in a celestial dance of familiarity.

Until next time,

Happy Trails!









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