Ten gift ideas for the backpacker in your life

Backpackers tend to be minimalist, transient souls. This fact often makes choosing a gift for your favorite hiker difficult. I have included a few of my favorite items below. I hope you find something they’ll (or you’ll) love! This crumpled map will hold up when buried under other items at the bottom of a rucksack. Also, a trail map is… Read More Ten gift ideas for the backpacker in your life

Stop and smell the roses Saturday! Colours of the rainbow: The Azalea Path in Southern Indiana

Originally posted on petiteloulouseverydayadventures:
Among the rolling hills and corn fields of southwestern Indiana lies a veritable oasis of lush flora and gorgeous statues. In the late ’70s, a forest in Hazleton, Indiana, was transformed into a wonderland of azaleas, rhododendrons, roses, and other blooming wonders. Visiting the Azalea Path Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is a sensory experience that…

Sunday Short: Life’s bridges

Hello, adventurers! Hope you’re having a wonderful day. My 52-mile one-way commute from work becomes monotonous at times, but there are gems along the way. Sunrises, horses and cows, barn quilts, and covered bridges are scattered around Southern Indiana’s landscape. These everyday treasures make the hiatus between longterm travels more than bearable. Daily life can… Read More Sunday Short: Life’s bridges