Minimalism can be Hard Work


Sage advice.

Simple Living Over 50

HardWorkAheadSign_thumbThere seems to be a false belief that minimalism is all about easy living. It is true that it leads to a life of less stress, but when it comes to work folks who live this lifestyle work just as hard as those who don’t. The difference is that us Simple Living folks understand the value of our hard work. We direct our hard earned money in a direction that allows us to pursue a life that becomes much easier, less burdened life.

We save money, we pay off debt and find affordable solutions to living like living in a smaller place, or purchasing smaller homes that we actually can afford. On the weekends you won’t find us hanging out at the mall, but you might find us hiking or cycling a great natural trail. We drive older model vehicles and make sure that when take them out that we…

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2 thoughts on “Minimalism can be Hard Work

  1. At 70 plus, I agree with much of what the blogger said, but would add preemptive medical checks as one grows older. It is a lot easier than being involved with the medical profession because something has gone wrong.
    I’d also agree that being a member of a group keeps you fit and mentally well – my group is our local church – with a particular smaller group that we socialise together (BBQs, lunches etc) and we have traveled together overseas and domestic.
    It was an interesting article.

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