Stop and smell the roses Saturday!

Happy weekend, adventurers!

Whether you’re at home or abroad, I just wanted to wish you a lovely day. I hope you have the opportunity to savour life’s little moments.

Do whatever brightens your day.

Sip a steaming cup of Twinings tea.

Admire the sunrise.

Stop and smell the roses.

Just be you. 😊

Happy Trails!









20 thoughts on “Stop and smell the roses Saturday!

  1. Two granddaughters 5 & 7 arrived for a sleep over so all thoughts of smelling roses was put on the back burner as we arranged crafty things to do – stick and cut from magazines – followed by me being beaten at dominoes . . . . . . several times.

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  2. Happy Weekend to you also! I just dropped my dog Ginny off at doggy day care. She needs a day of romping after being cooped up inside due to our rainy days. I am roasting vegetables and puttering around my house. Love your blog!

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      1. I am roasting beets (wrapped in foil with olive oil & salt/pepper), asparagus, carrots & broccoli seasoned with olive oil and s&p. I have to watch them carefully as they cook at different rates. I will eat them with some protein today and tomorrow. Thanks for your kind words about my blog. Hugs, Lori

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