Ten gift ideas for the backpacker in your life


Backpackers tend to be minimalist, transient souls. This fact often makes choosing a gift for your favorite hiker difficult.

I have included a few of my favorite items below. I hope you find something they’ll (or you’ll) love!

This crumpled map will hold up when buried under other items at the bottom of a rucksack. Also, a trail map is a useful tool if a specific route is chosen.

This set of playing cards has a dual purpose. Wildcards features pictures and information about edible plants located throughout most of the United States and Canada. How could you find a lighter and more entertaining way to learn such a valuable outdoor skill?

Quick-drying  microfiber towels save the day!

Trekking poles make traversing a variety of terrain safer and more enjoyable.

This wash bag is a lifesaver for any traveler needing to clean laundry STAT.

From newbie hikers to seasoned rock climbers hungry for more knowledge, this field manual provides indispensable information with or without Wi-Fi.

The gift of toilet tissue seems outlandish, but hikers will deeply thank you in their minds when nature calls in the middle of nowhere.

Everyone needs water. This water purifier ensures that backpackers quench their thirst with uncontaminated aqua.

A lightweight camera will make the journey to the mountain peak easier and takes crisp, vibrant photos.

Snacking on fruit crisps is a fun (and addictive) way for a hiker to consume vital nutrients.

Happy trails!








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