Pluto in Indiana

What do Bing Crosby, Al Capone, and Lana Turner have in common? They were all guests of the French Lick Resort, a veritable palace nestled in the rolling hills of a tiny rural community of French Lick  in Indiana.

The multiple healing properties of  “Pluto Water” from local mineral springs attracted international visitors to the area. This deluge of traffic inspired Dr. William Bowles to purchase land and fund the construction of the French Lick Resort in the 1840s-1850s.

Checking out one of French Lick Resort’s outlying buildings in the gardens.
True statement. 😉

Simultaneously, an equally ostentatiously beautiful edifice, The West Baden Springs Hotel, was being contructed. Rather than branding the mineral water after the god of the underworld as the other resort had, West Baden sold bottles of Sprudel Water.

West Baden Springs Hotel

Nowadays, visitors are drawn to the history and beauty of the rival resorts as well as activities including concerts, gambling, and golf. A luxury car show is held at West Baden on occasion.


Happy Trails! ☺









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