Stop and smell the roses Saturday!: Social media cleanse

Breathe in that mountain air! 🙂

Happy weekend, adventurers!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been busy with spring cleaning. It’s been a gradual process because once I’m home from work, I’m too tired to tackle all the projects that stretch out before me.

After donating clothes and other items, painting, gardening, and completing other chores, one aspect of my life still needs tidying up–my life on social media.

A more streamlined life, spit-spot. How wonderful!

After realizing how cruddy I feel when I’ve spent more time than I should on social media sites (especially Facebook), I’ve decided to deactivate my account for a while. Now I am not faced with opportunity cost dilemmas such as, “Should I watch this cat video or finish reading the book I’ve borrowed from the library?” Now, I simply reach for the book and find out “whodunit.”

Since I’m in the U.S., my newsfeed had become overrun by political rants since the primaries are presently being held. I’m trying to cleanse useless complaining (including my own) from my life as well. If I am going to speak out (or write), I am going to try to use my voice in a proactive manner.

So, I’ll let you know how it goes. I do plan to continue blogging regularly. You see, this blogging community has been enriching and enlightening, no cleanup required. 😉

Happy trails!







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