Tuesday’s Theme: Travel Style


I always pack basic tees and long-sleeved tops to keep my travel style as simple as possible. Then I can focus on the most important thing–having fun! 🙂

Hi Adventurers!

Today I’m going to share pieces that have gotten me through the good and bad times of travel unscathed. This is simply an honest review of items I like to wear when I travel.

Three Dots tops have a classic look and keep me comfortable–not too hot and not too cold as they layer nicely. The sizes run really small, though. I usually buy XL Three Dots shirts and wear a medium in other brands.


Three Dots Top

Tieks are foldable ballet flats that come in a rainbow of colors. It took me a while to break mine in, but now I wouldn’t think of traveling without stuffing a pair of these in my carryon. They come with a nifty pouch, too!

I wear a size 8 1/2 and have narrow feet with high arches. I prefer Tieks in black and navy because they match so many outfits.

Did I mention they look great with anything from jeans to dresses?



Boston Proper Travel Pants 

I am almost 5’7″, but I sometimes have to buy the short length in Boston Proper pants if I’m not planning to wear them with heels (like the model). I love the classic look of their Travel Pant. They’re dressy yet comfortable!


Happy Trails!






4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Theme: Travel Style

    1. You’re very welcome, Amy! I just went on a trip, and, to be honest, I had to switch over to Sketchers about midday after walking Tieks more than usual. I would say Tieks are great for a few hours of walking, but you might want to have another pair of really comfortable walking shoes handy for all-day walking. 🙂

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