A house of my own: Reflecting upon Sandra Cisneros’ writings


Hello, adventurers!

I hope your day is going swimmingly. ☺

Recently, I was pondering The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, a novella I read in a college Latina Literature class.

I particularly enjoyed the following passage:


As a 25-year-old single college student at the time, I was comforted that a successful author had similar life goals to my own. As a musician and writer, I enjoy the solitude of a quiet room surrounded by a few items that make me happy. Minimalism makes me choose wisely when decorating because I only have so much space.

This excerpt from Cisneros’ book reminded me of Virginia Woolf’s quote below:


I somewhat agree with Woolf’s quote. Then I think of women who have had life’s rug pulled out from under them such as J. K. Rowling who went on to write the world’s most beloved fictional works.

If you desire a room or house of your own to create in or think in, you’re not selfish, you’re in good company. ☺

Happy Trails! 💟







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