Echoes: My first e-book! :)

Hello, adventurers!

I’m staring at the screen with tired, bloodshot eyes because I’m too excited to take a break. My e-book Echoes: A Midwestern Girl’s Stories is now available on for Kindle readers!

It’s not perfect. I’m new to the formatting game. But it’s done. I’m so happy. I love hearing stories, writing stories, and reading your stories/blog posts!

Echoes: A Midwestern Girl’s Stories follows Peggy Poe as she grows up on a farm in Southern Indiana in the 1940s. Each vignette covers a notable event or person in Peggy’s life.

Here’s to trying to things.

It was hard work, and I was discouraged at times, but I’m trying my darnedest to follow my dreams. And I encourage you, dear readers, to do the same.

Copy of Echoes (1) copy

Happy Trails!








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