Throwback Thursday: Al’s Oasis

Hello, Adventurers!

If you’ve ever traveled through South Dakota on US Interstate 90, you are probably all-too familiar with Wall Drug Store signs liberally sprinkling the rolling countryside.


I enjoyed our visit to Wall Drug three years ago, but there is another must-see roadside attraction for weary motorists: Al’s Oasis.


We visited Al’s Oasis in 2013 while traveling to Rapid City, South Dakota. I liked the salad bar so well, Mom and I decided to visit again this past summer coming home from Sequim, Washington. Since the soup and salad bar more than fills me up, I stick with that, but Al’s Oasis also has a menu featuring items such as buffalo burgers and spicy fried green beans.

There is also a grocery store if you need to stock up on some essentials and snacks while you’re on the go.


The General Store is the perfect place to find a good-quality South Dakota souvenir.




If you need another reason to stop at Al’s, here you go: Even dragonflies like it there!


Happy Trails!










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