Sunday Savings: Website of the week! BzzAgent

Hi, adventurers!

Hope you’re having a great week.

I know I’ve talked a bit about how I love to save money with coupons recently, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned I’m also a bit addicted to freebie/product testing websites.

One of my favorites is BzzAgent. It’s free to join. As long as you fill out the simple surveys they administer, you’ll probably get matched up with a suitable product to review. BzzAgent loves it when agents share the news and their opinions via word of mouth, which you can report on their site. Participants are also encouraged to sync their Facebook and Twitter accounts to the marketing website.) The WOM site is also good about getting your kids and even your pets in on the fun.

My first campaign was a quite simple “Welcome Aboard” activity. BzzAgent sent me a magnet, and I took a photo of myself holding it. When sharing on social media, it is wise to to have full disclosure. The following hashtags help: #bzzagent #gotitfree.


I also just received a coupon for a full-sized International Delight Creamer of my choice along with festive napkins and a couple $1 off coupons. Yay!  A Santa-approved freebie! 😉 I will let you know what flavor I choose and what I think of it when I pick one up at the grocery store soon.


By the way, freebie-lovers in the UK can sign up for BzzAgent, too!

Happy Trails! And Happy saving! 😉







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