Thrifty Thursday: Crowdtap!




Hello, adventurers!

Since it’s Thrifty Thursday, I thought I’d tell you about Crowdtap, one of my favorite social media marketing websites, where you can earn Amazon gift cards and even score some nifty samples to review!

If you don’t mind sharing product news on social media, then you’ll enjoy completing missions on Crowdtap. Each day, there’s an opportunity to answer polls, share relevant photos, share media, comment, and fill out questionnaires in order to rack up points to get $5 Amazon gift cards.

The samples are pretty awesome, too. So far, I’ve tested and reviewed Zicam Nasal Swabs and Advil Cold and Sinus Congestion tablets. Full-size Suave shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner are due at my doorstep any day now. Yay! 🙂

When I first started as a “Tapper,” only 500 points were needed to accrue a gift card. After what I believe was two redemptions at the 500 point rate, I needed to get 1,000 points before I received payment. The points add up quickly, though, so no worries.

Have you tried Crowdtap? What other social media marketing/word of mouth sites do you use to earn money/gift cards/samples? Share your wealth of knowledge in the comments! Pretty please? 😉

Happy Trails!







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