Thrifty Thursday: My latest BzzAgent Campaigns!

Hello, adventurers!

In addition to the fact that it is Read Across America Day (Dr. Seuss’ birthday), I am excited that I received a couple good Bzzkits from one of my favorite WOM sites, BzzAgent after a lengthy dry spell.

I received a 16 oz bottle of Crest Moisturizing Oral Rinse which really helped my dry mouth issue, and Clarispray nasal spray (60 metered sprays) along with $3 off coupons. I am pleased with both products, AND I have a Sensodyne toothpaste Bzz campaign coming in the mail soo. Woohoo!

So, without further ado, here are photos of my freshly unboxed Bzzkits:


I think BzzAgent sends some pretty cool stuff, and the campaign activities are fun to complete. If you think BzzAgent sounds like your cup of tea, click here to join!

Have you tried either of these products? If so, let me know what you think in the comments. Also, bonus smiles if you tell me what your favorite Dr. Seuss book is. 😉 I’ll get the ball rolling, mine is The Lorax.


Happy Trails!







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