Thrifty Thursday: More free stuff from recent BzzAgent campaigns!!!

Hello, adventurers!

I thought I’d show you the goodies I recently received from BzzAgent, a word-of-mouth marketing site that sends product reviewers free samples.

In a recent post, I posted photos of my free Crest Moisturizing Oral Rinse and Clarispray Bzzkits. Well, BzzAgent has been really good to me this month and has sent me two Febreze One starter kits in bamboo and mandarin. They have a really light and pleasant fragrance. I’m glad to hear that they are non-aerosol and do not contain any dyes or heavy perfumes.


I have sensitive teeth and gums, so I was interested in trying a new toothpaste from the folks at Sensodyne. I’ve been pleased with it so far!


If testing and reviewing free products sounds like your cup of tea, sign up with BzzAgent for free here.

Happy Trails!







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