Musical Monday: What’re your favorite road trip tunes?


Hello, adventurers!

Pack your suitcase and grab your favorite snacks, it’s road trip time!

Some songs automatically make me itch to cruise the highways and byways of America. Although there are many more cruisin’ tunes I love, I think I’ll limit this list to ten.

Please share your favorite road trip tunes in the comments! I love hearing from you. ❤

Okay, here goes the list:

  1. “Dreams” ~ The Cranberries
  2. “Human”  ~The Killers
  3. “One Piece at a Time” ~Johnny Cash
  4. “Fast Car” ~Tracy Chapman
  5. “I Want You” Savage Garden
  6. “Classical Gas” Mason Williams
  7. “Love is Blue” ~Paul Mauriat
  8. “Ventura Highway” ~America
  9. “Stir It Up” ~Bob Marley
  10. “Run Around” ~Blues Traveler
Mele Kalikimaka 🙂

Happy Trails!








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