Guest Post: 5 Tips for Managing Your Airbnb While Traveling by Marie Nieves

Many thanks to Marie Nieves for sharing this post! 🙂 

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Managing Airbnb while traveling sounds like a juggling act, but it can be done. In fact, many hosts around the world opt for such a lifestyle – they setup an accommodation and spend most of their time traversing the globe while managing their “business” over the electronic devices. If you are one of those people who have arranged the property according to Airbnb standards but also feel the restless call to adventure, here are five tips for managing your Airbnb while traveling.

Find the designated housekeeper

Maybe you want to go on a prolonged road trip along the east coast of Australia or maybe you simply want to visit the farthest corners of the globe. No matter what your adventurous yearnings dictate, you’ll want to make sure your Airbnb property is well secured and taken care of before you leave.  This is why it is important to find a designated housekeeper who will have the hands-on approach while you are gone.

This person does not have to be your employee. In fact, it is much better if it is a family member you can trust and who can share the percentage of profits from the business. Of course, this person can also be a paid professional who will make sure all the requests of the guests are met. The key thing is to always be in contact with this person over the Wi-Fi (Skype and Discord are the most viable platforms) for communication.

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Hire the property manager

Property manager is not the same thing as the designated housekeeper. Their role can include this aspect, but it’s much broader. These groups or companies provide complete and dependable Airbnb property management in Sydney and other major cities. They list and manage the properties for owners who either can’t or don’t want to be bothered by this.

The property management companies that have built up their reputation are known for their transparency and ease of cooperation with owners, so you should not feel hiring such services is in any ways dangerous for you. In fact, it will give you a chance to travel around with less managerial interruptions.

Don’t leave before everything is ready

Of course, in spite of all the help you can get with managing your property, the key to your success as a traveling Airbnb host lies in preparation. You simply cannot leave before everything is ready and set up to the “t”. The property needs to be adequately prepared for the guests and all the photos and feature list need to be created. Even if you hire other parties to help you manage the properties, you need to leave feeling as if you are intimately familiar with its features. With a sense of palpability and security in your mind, you’ll be able to react to unpredictable situations on the fly.

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Prepare the welcome binder

Welcome bindersare essentially “welcoming” packages that can contain some nice gifts for the guests as well as the document that is filled with information they might find useful. This way, the guests simply won’t need to contact you and ask you anything during their stay. Create a “default” mockup of the welcome binder and everything it needs to entail. Submit this mockup to the property managers or the housekeeper so it can be replicated as the new guests arrive.

Listing needs to be refined

The prepared photos and a list of features that is meant to represent your accommodation needs to be detailed, realistic and above else – accurate. The potential guests need to be able to gauge space and features according to what you’ve listed and this is why it is important to constantly refine your listing and keep it updated. If some changes happen during your travels, you need to get on your device and make sure that the presentation matches the new situation even if that sometimes means you’ll have to take a feature or two off the list. This is the key difference between hosts that make a lot of moneyand those that do not.

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Technology has made our lives so much easier in many ways. Portable devices and Wi-Fi enabled countless people around the world to conduct their business while traveling without creating conflict between the two spheres of life. However, managing your Airbnb while traveling is not something you’ll do smoothly from the get-go. You need to apply certain tips and advice and invest some practice into the endeavor before it becomes smooth sailing.

About the author

Marie Nieves is a lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and surf the Internet. Her favourite writer is Tracy Chevalier and she always carries one of her books in her bag. She spends most of her free time at home walking her Labrador Retriever named Max.She is an avid lover of photography and a regular author at High Style Life. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her onTwitter and Pinterest.

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