3 adventurous books!


Hello adventurers!

Hope August has been treating you well!

In addition to traveling, I LOVE to read!

Here are a three books that are sure to delight adventurers of all ages.

[Disclaimer: I selected and purchased these books myself with no encouragement from a supplier or author. I am using affiliate links to help support my love of travel and writing. Thank you! :)]

  1. For those in love with nature and its underpinnings, Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman is a whimsical read chock full of approachable and practical information. Great resource for homeschooling families!



For those braving the world of DIY, Sharon and David Bowers’ The Useful Book is a godsend for anyone yearning for no-nonsense tips and tricks in cooking, sewing, and home repair. Who said staying home couldn’t be an adventure?! 😉

Plus, if you’re a visual learner like I am, the illustrations help a lot.



Even omnivores will devour Kathryne Taylor’s deliciously colorful cookbook, Love Real Food! Trust me, vegetarian meals can tickle your taste buds and feed your soul. Even my usually meat and potatoes Dad likes a lot of these recipes.



Happy Trails and Happy Reading! ❤


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