Tasty Tuesday: Funky fruit

Hello, adventurers!

It’s a rainy day. I’m starting to like those kinds of days more and more.

I wouldn’t call myself an impulse buyer–in most cases. However, when I spot some weird shaped fruit in the produce aisle, I must try it.


So…just what did I sample this week?

Cherry plum

The most conventional fruit in the photo (the round fleshy fruit) is a cherry plum. I thought it tasted like a cross between a plum and a Mt. Rainier cherry. It was sweet, mild, and delightful.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 10.05.17 AM


The spiky, hairy little ball is a rambutan, which happens to mean “hairy” in Malay. I scored around the circumference of the fruit and popped it open. Voila! An edible eos lip balm. 😉 I thought it tasted like a fleshy sweet grape or a lychee. Careful, there is a pit inside this fuzzy fruit. Rambutan is high in fiber and contains phosphorus.


Dragon fruit

And finally, a fruit that looks as though it rolled out of a fairy tale picnic basket–dragon fruit. I suppose there are many ways to cut up this superfood, but I simply cut it in half and ate it with a spoon out of its ready-made bowl like ice cream. Isn’t it a beautiful fruit?! FYI, my dragon fruit was a bit tart. I might have been wise to let it ripen a couple days longer, but I couldn’t wait to try it!!!


Are you excited to share about something interesting you’ve eaten? Let me know in the comments! ❤

Happy Trails!







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